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Atlanta Area Children's Photographer

I recently got to spend some time with this adorable 7-year-old.  She, in addition to her 2 brothers, stayed at my house while their parents went on a much-needed vacation.  We played games, went shopping, had a home movie theater (even ate popcorn in bed), went hiking in the rain, read books and of course, had a couple of photo shoots!  We will get to the boy's photos later!  She is seriously outnumbered by boys at her house!  Ladies first!!  This sweet lady just happens to be my very own niece!  My big sister and her husband are the bio parents of 5, have adopted 2 and are fostering and hoping to adopt 2 more!  If you have lost count, that is a total of 9 children: 6 boys and 3 girls!  I am so very proud of my sister!  I know that God has placed each of the children in the right place.  Without further ado,  meet number 7 on the family totem, sweet McKinley aka Kiki!  She is thoughtful, kind, playful, motherly, a talented dancer, a loving big sister and a silly little sister.  She can be a hot mess and a gentle, tender soul.  My dear niece.


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