Legacy Portraits
Your life. Your memories. Your Legacy.


I love to look at old photograph albums and see what my family looked like long ago!  There is something so magical about having printed photos to hold and pass down for generations to come.  How long has it been since your family had professional photographs taken?  There is always a reason to put it off but there really is no better time than now.  Life happens and time slips by.  Are you guilty of using any of these excuses to put off family photographs?  You will never regret having photographs of your family to be viewed now and in the years to come.

  • No family photos until I loose weight!
  • Let’s wait to have family photos taken until all her front teeth grow back in.
  • We have nothing to wear for family photos.
  • When ball season is over we will get family photographs.
  • Let’s just wait until Christmas to have the family photographed.
  • I can’t get my husband/wife to sit for family photos.