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Atlanta Area Family Photographer

This adorable family drove all the way from Marietta to have their family portraits taken!  With two children under that age or two, that is quite an undertaking!  I know how difficult it is to make time for family photos!  I wish I had done it more with my children when they were little.  I treasure the photos that I have but, I still wish I had more professional portraits taken.  I have all the school photos, the church directory portraits, the soccer pics and all the goofy every day pics.  I still wish I had more!  I can't go back in time.  I can create memories for other families but, the time I had with my little ones is long gone.  It is my goal for 2017 to get my children and their children together for a real family portrait.  I know how difficult it is!!  But, it is so worth the trouble!