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Fayette County Family Photographer

This sweet family has been coming to Legacy Portraits since their now 3-year-old was just a baby!  I just love my returning clients!  Every year around little cutie's birthday we take a photo of her holding her parents' hands.  It has been fun to watch her grow taller and her expressions change from year to year!  She doesn't look like a baby anymore and her personality is crazy fun!!  She put up with me doing her portraits but, all she really wanted to do was drive her Jeep!!  As a fellow Jeep driver, I have to say I love this about her!!  Such a wonderful family! Enjoy

Atlanta Area Family Photographer

This adorable family drove all the way from Marietta to have their family portraits taken!  With two children under that age or two, that is quite an undertaking!  I know how difficult it is to make time for family photos!  I wish I had done it more with my children when they were little.  I treasure the photos that I have but, I still wish I had more professional portraits taken.  I have all the school photos, the church directory portraits, the soccer pics and all the goofy every day pics.  I still wish I had more!  I can't go back in time.  I can create memories for other families but, the time I had with my little ones is long gone.  It is my goal for 2017 to get my children and their children together for a real family portrait.  I know how difficult it is!!  But, it is so worth the trouble!  

Fayette County Family Photographer

This family called me because their children and grandchildren, who all live in different states, were going to be in Georgia together for the first time in a long time!  They wanted to document the occasion with an extended family photo shoot.  I'm so glad they made the choice to not trust their precious memories with some cell phone shots that may or may not ever get printed!  They now will have a beautiful printed album full of memories that can be viewed and shared for many years to come.

Fayette and Coweta Newborn Photographer

This adorable baby boy came to Legacy Portraits at 1 week old.  He did fantastic for his first photo shoot!  I just love his chubby cheeks and skinny little legs!  His big brother (who is almost 3) tried his hardest to be gentle and loving for their special photos together.  I know they are going to be best buddies growing up.  Mom and Dad are in for some fun times with these two boys!  Dad is a pilot so we did a few aviation themed shots.  And the orange hat?  BIG Tennessee fans!  Big brother is going to teach him to sing “Rocky Top”.  This little man is in my “baby plan” so I get to photograph him every few months!  Hoping all his photo shoots will go this well!

Peachtree City Family Photographer

I remember as a child having family photographs taken.  It was a big deal to get dressed up, have clean shoes and socks and, ideally, not a hair out of place.  My mother always cut our bangs.  Even though she would put tape across them, they always were either too short or very crooked!  I have the pictures to prove it!!  My parents had seven children and somewhere along the way we stopped having professional family portraits taken.  It probably became too challenging to get everyone ready for family photos and then, with seven children, life just got busy!!  I know my parents still have those prints they bought so many years ago.  They will be treasured by generations for many years to come.  I always wish we had more though!

When my daughter and her young family had a recent visit I encouraged them to get outfits together and have a quick family portrait session.  My daughter was not feeling well, the kids were cranky and honestly, how many dads really want to pose for photos?  In spite of the chaos we got it done!  Little E will only have that toothless smile for a short while longer. And tiny T?  Her expressions of pure joy and innocence melt my heart!  They are changing in so many ways and so very quickly!  My wish is that they will one day look back at their prints and be grateful that their parents took the time for family photos.  I want their children to have those treasures to pass down.  What a gift that is!