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Peachtree City Family Photographer

I remember as a child having family photographs taken.  It was a big deal to get dressed up, have clean shoes and socks and, ideally, not a hair out of place.  My mother always cut our bangs.  Even though she would put tape across them, they always were either too short or very crooked!  I have the pictures to prove it!!  My parents had seven children and somewhere along the way we stopped having professional family portraits taken.  It probably became too challenging to get everyone ready for family photos and then, with seven children, life just got busy!!  I know my parents still have those prints they bought so many years ago.  They will be treasured by generations for many years to come.  I always wish we had more though!

When my daughter and her young family had a recent visit I encouraged them to get outfits together and have a quick family portrait session.  My daughter was not feeling well, the kids were cranky and honestly, how many dads really want to pose for photos?  In spite of the chaos we got it done!  Little E will only have that toothless smile for a short while longer. And tiny T?  Her expressions of pure joy and innocence melt my heart!  They are changing in so many ways and so very quickly!  My wish is that they will one day look back at their prints and be grateful that their parents took the time for family photos.  I want their children to have those treasures to pass down.  What a gift that is!